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Everything needed to fish offshore is included except for food, beverage, and sunscreen. Sun protection is vitally important; we strongly recommend sunscreen and sunglasses. Motion sickness for some is a bi-product of boating, motion sickness pills for many are a great idea – the prescription patch has seemed to work the best. During the trip a cooler is available to store your food and drink. Please note that sandwiches wrapped in paper, while better for the environment, often get waterlogged in an ice chest.

Yes, there is a “Head” on the boat. Much like an airplane, the bathroom has the essentials needed in a pinch but is not intended for reading. We recommend making sure to have your morning constitution before heading out for a day of fishing.

Yes, there is a we have both a/c and heat inside the cabin.

We will clean, filet, and Ziplock baggie your catch at the end of the trip for you to take home.

The maximum allowed is 6 people regardless of age, this is a Coast Guard rule.

Deep Sea Fishing does include risks. Due to Coast Guard Safety regulations all passengers must be able to retrieve and secure their own life jacket in an emergency. It has been our experience this is safely accomplished by those 8 years of age or older. To ensure everyone’s safety the captain does require all passengers to be a minimum of 8 years old and be able to demonstrate following verbal directions to locate and secure their own life jacket.

Please be at the dock 15 minutes prior to departure. The best way to find us is type in Outriggers Sport Charter Fishing in Google maps and it will take you right to us. Here is a link to the location:

Yes, we do allow beer, wine, and other alcoholic seltzers.  We do ask that patron’s leave the hard liquor at home. We want everyone to have a great time while returning safely. Please drink responsibly.

This is not a good idea. Once you leave the boat you are no longer at the top of the food chain, and we are not equipped as a dive boat for easy return to the deck. We had a 300 lb. guest jump in one summer for a short swim to cool off. Within moments an 8-foot Bull shark came to investigate the unusually pale floating object. After a frantic retrieval of our guest, they too agreed that swimming alone in the middle of the ocean was not a good idea. With our air-conditioned cab, and exterior sunshade over the back deck, there are simply safer ways to cool down rather than to leaving the boat.

Outriggers specializes in stand-up bottom fishing focusing on Grouper, Snapper and Amber Jack. Seasonally, we offer charters focused on night fishing for Trophy Sharks, and numerous day trips for migratory pelagic such as Dolphin, Cobia, King Mackerel, and Black Fin tuna.

During the winter (January-February) when our water temp is at its lowest, Bottom fishing jumps into high gear as the water cools grouper and snapper move close in putting them in our ½ day range! Tripletails are found along the coastline giving a unique opportunity for sight casting with light tackle. These hard fighters offer the angler a high leaping battle and rival the grouper for it’s excellent table fare!

On longer trips you can expect large Amberjack, Tuna and Snapper (Yellowtail, Mangrove and Lane).

As spring arrives the water warms bringing the migration of bait fish (Sardines, cigar minnows glass minnows and Pilchards) With their arrival the pelagic fish follow (King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel Cobia, Wahoo and Barracuda) giving the angler many more types of fish to target! These fish will remain till late fall! Florida is blessed with a very long season! As summer approaches other offshore fish start to show up. Sailfish, Wahoo, and Dolphin to name a few. Please note that the amount fish the we can catch and the type of fish that we can keep depend on the Gulf of Mexico quotas and regulations.

Our team is calendar and weather driven and often have a makeup trip due to numerous variables, so we do not accept online bookings within 72 hours of departure. Please do text Captain Ryan at 941-809-2211 to see if there is any last-minute availability or an unexpected cancellation.

The first mate is paid by your gratuity. It is customary to tip a minimum of 20% to the first mate. If you had a slammer and limit out your catch and have the realization that you never baited a hook or had to wait long on a tangled line for repair, please do demonstrate that additional appreciation.

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